This page is about the Utaite, Megurine Nero.

Megurine Nero (otherwise known as Nero Redfield) is an utaite for the group VocaLife. She plays the role of Megurine Luka, as made known by her name. She loves to cover songs, even though she doesn't think she's the best of singers. She loves singing, and that's all that matters to her. The very first song she covered that she actually does genuinely like was sung for her Boyfriend, Lyra's Song (Past Story) from Fairy Tail.

--NERO-- -- Lyra's Song -- English Cover01:45

--NERO-- -- Lyra's Song -- English Cover

Lyra's Song by Megurine Nero

Nero is 21 years old, but she still looks about 17 to most people. She is well known as an anime artist on deviantArt and a Ranter/Reviewer and Speedpainter on her personal Youtube. is a happy go lucky girl who enjoys cute things, and really enjoys talking to and hanging out with her friends. She loves her boyfriend. They aren't engaged yet, but they like to refer to one another as fiancee's because they know they want to get married. They just haven't been able to propose yet.

Nero initially auditioned for the position of Len in this group, but instead was cast as Luka because her voice didn't quite fit the bill for Len. She was okay with that, because Luka is her favourite Vocaloid anyway.

Nero's immediate family consists of a 5 person group. Her Birth parents are both still together, and she has two younger siblings. A Sister and a Brother. She loves her Family a lot, and talks to her Sister often. Her entire family is a group of artists. Her Father draws and his business is framing work, jerseys, school photos, skateboards, you name it. Her Mother is a Karaoke Singer, and she's really good at it. Her Sister and Brother both draw very well. Her family all support one another strongly.

Nero is open minded and typically isn't quick to offend. She likes to think with a large variety of different outlooks to try to see things from other people's perspectives before jumping on any bandwagon. She loves discussing different opinions on different things, and really enjoys level-headed discussions.

Me and Kisekae

Nero IRL and her Sona.

Nero is an entertainer. She loves to have fun and share her fun with people. She loves making other people happy with what makes her happy. Nero is very photogenic and loves to take pictures. She makes silly faces, poses, different expressions and smiles. She also enjoys cosplay.

HNI 0043

An art trade she did for someone on deviantArt

Nero's favourite hobby is drawing. She absolutely adores drawing anime. She used to do digital art, but can't anymore due to unforseen circumstances, causing her to have to get rid of her laptop. She has been practicing her traditional art, though, to try to get better at that. She loves drawing no matter the medium, and she's trying to get into becoming a better writer, as well.

Her singing inspiration has always been her Mother. She's looked up to her Mother as a singer for most of her life, but has always been too nervous to try to sing. With her Mother's support, though, she finally broke out of her shell and started trying. She wants to practice to become even better. She posts covers online, whether she finds them good or bad, to receive constructive criticism on how to improve.

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